22.05.2019 11:40:11 AM (GMT)

– What... are you doing... Rumi?!

– Can't you tell? It's called a blowjob! ♥ I'm sucking our clients' cocks~ ♥ A member of parliament in my right hand, a company president in my left hand~ ♥ All are pretty big guys so my jaw is about to fall off ~ ♥

18.05.2019 12:11:11 PM (GMT)

Rabidbandit: And this is how Mei was stolen from the Overwatch universe and became Mey's cute chubby cock sleeve. And they both lived happily ever after.

4.05.2019 01:32:22 AM (GMT)

Trigger Warning: This gallery called «Fairy Tail Whores» contains depictions of the Fairy Tail girls as whores.

3.05.2019 11:59:44 PM (GMT)

Every night I make sure to masturbate before sleeping. I also make sure not to forget my vibrator before going to work.

3.05.2019 11:47:00 PM (GMT)

– As expected, she has the makings of a great slutty bitch!

3.05.2019 11:46:56 PM (GMT)

– Your favorite food are dicks and semen. You are a lewd bitch who orgasms when drinks semen.

3.05.2019 11:46:53 PM (GMT)

– These piercings are your uniform, so you must always wear them.

3.05.2019 11:18:35 PM (GMT)

– To commemorate the u's 5th DVD, it's our secret live event. Is everyone having fun? Over this half year, you've all shown us lots of support, we're all so grateful to you. We look forward to working more with each of you. After this is our meeting to give thanks to our fans. Just make sure you don't cum inside, okay? ♥ Alright then, let's begin our new live event! ♥

3.05.2019 09:05:47 AM (GMT)

– I'll help you train your cute butt.

3.05.2019 09:05:42 AM (GMT)

– I'm cumming with my ass!

3.05.2019 09:05:38 AM (GMT)

– Onii-sama, please slay my ass with your dick.

3.05.2019 09:05:35 AM (GMT)

– Please fuck me, onii-sama.

1.05.2019 11:32:40 PM (GMT)

You grab part of her long hair and wipe your dick clean with it... No matter how you feel about her, you must stay professional... You can't allow attachments... You must be mean to your slave girl for both of your sakes...

1.05.2019 11:32:35 PM (GMT)

Fat Lilly: Back in the day I was a nasty little slut!

1.05.2019 11:32:30 PM (GMT)

Iris: The dance... You told me the other day that you would love to see the girls dancing in our tavern, well, now is your chance...

Lola: Really, really? Awesome!!! Bring on the dirty dancing!

1.05.2019 11:32:22 PM (GMT)

– I hope you don't mind sharing this litte slut.

1.05.2019 11:32:17 PM (GMT)

Azalea the Store Owner: Well, if it isn't my favorite cock.

17.04.2019 07:58:02 PM (GMT)

Genie: Put your cock back in your pants, sir.

17.04.2019 06:06:10 PM (GMT)

Fat Lilly: Don't let him stick anything weird into your butt, dear.

Lola: I'm actually kind of looking forward to that...

17.04.2019 06:03:15 PM (GMT)

Akabur: As a kid I did have plenty of imaginary sex with this imaginary woman... And now, years later I have an imaginary daughter from her...

17.04.2019 05:05:33 PM (GMT)

Genie: You are able to remain completely quiet during rape... Useful skill for a princess... I suppose?

17.04.2019 04:54:45 PM (GMT)

Azalea the Store Owner: A whore dress, huh? It's as if every woman who spends enough time in your company wants to be a whore.

17.04.2019 04:38:54 PM (GMT)

Genie: Erection is a tricky business.

17.04.2019 04:32:28 PM (GMT)

Lola: A big fat dick in my hands! La-la-la! ♫

17.04.2019 04:32:24 PM (GMT)

Lola: Ah... ♥ Look at me, I'm little slut!