1.07.2018 06:00:49 AM (GMT)

– She's getting aroused from being spanked. That must be because of all the anal training we did. We've turned the school idol into a bitch who can't go without anal stimulation.

1.07.2018 06:00:47 AM (GMT)

– The school Idol's ass is completely exposed.

24.06.2018 02:39:07 PM (GMT)

– Class – take note. I expect you will not forget this little lesson on appropriate dress. This is the proper way to dress when you are attention seeking harlot! Dress appropriately or I'll dress for you...

24.06.2018 02:20:27 PM (GMT)

– If you are going to wear slut clothes – I'm going to have to evaluate how much of a slut you are.

23.06.2018 05:50:48 PM (GMT)

«My pussy has already molded to the shape of Takumi-kun's cock!!

23.06.2018 05:50:42 PM (GMT)

– Take your throbbing love and run it through my aching pussy! ♥

20.06.2018 01:33:11 PM (GMT)

It's fine to cum in my mouth you know~ ♥

20.06.2018 01:33:07 PM (GMT)

– There you go again, cumming all over yourself! How are you supposed to put on the next outfit like that?

20.06.2018 01:33:02 PM (GMT)

– What was about being a top? Your ass pussy tightens up like crazy whenever I play with your nipples! You're a total bottom! ♥ Oh well, there's nothing we can do about that... In the world of futanari doujins, ALL boys are bottoms!

20.06.2018 01:32:59 PM (GMT)

– Not there... ♥

– Huh?! Did you think I'd spare your lewd nipples because you're a trap? I won't hold back just because your real gender is unclear!

20.06.2018 01:32:54 PM (GMT)

– You got that hard just from having your throat raped?

20.06.2018 01:32:50 PM (GMT)

«The smell of master's cock is filling my mind...»

20.06.2018 01:32:47 PM (GMT)

– Your mouth's so warm! Does your throat have an A+ riding skill, too?

20.06.2018 01:32:37 PM (GMT)

– It's summer! We're at the beach! And so... Let's fuck!

20.06.2018 12:56:53 PM (GMT)

This is an 18+ doujin that features Astolfo engaging in anal sex while wearing all sorts of outfits. Please enjoy.

Also, this book does not recommend attempting anal sex without careful preparation.

20.06.2018 12:46:41 PM (GMT)

– Reach your final ascension with my love (futa dick) ♥♥♥

20.06.2018 12:46:36 PM (GMT)

– What's with the greediness of this warm and wet ass pussy ♥

20.06.2018 12:35:02 PM (GMT)

– Astolfo-kun's so cute and so cool and so good at anal, what an erotic heroic spirit~ ♥

– Eh? I don't quite get it but think I'm being praised... ♥

19.06.2018 09:13:06 PM (GMT)

New swine prostitute

Modified for heightened sensitivity!
Breasts, nipples, and genitals modified

Nothing off limits!
One night ¥20,000!


New swine prostitute

Modified for heightened sensitivity!

Nothing off limits!
One night ¥15,000!

19.06.2018 08:42:50 PM (GMT)

xxx: Asagi's natural state.

18.06.2018 12:24:38 PM (GMT)

xxx: Why would you rape sweet Chun-li? Feels bad man :(

yyy: Why wouldn't you rape sweet Chun-Li? Feels good man. :)

17.06.2018 01:07:53 AM (GMT)

xxx: I wonder if Chun-Li loves ramen or sucking cock more.

7.06.2018 04:09:49 AM (GMT)

Orc: You're better at handling a dick than a sword.

1.06.2018 09:17:37 AM (GMT)

– And until dawn, my brother's semen kept on flowing in and out of me.

1.06.2018 09:05:16 AM (GMT)

– You woke up? My big brother who gets his cock excited inside his sister's pussy.