20.06.2018 01:33:11 PM (GMT)

It's fine to cum in my mouth you know~ ♥

20.06.2018 01:33:07 PM (GMT)

– There you go again, cumming all over yourself! How are you supposed to put on the next outfit like that?

20.06.2018 01:33:02 PM (GMT)

– What was about being a top? Your ass pussy tightens up like crazy whenever I play with your nipples! You're a total bottom! ♥ Oh well, there's nothing we can do about that... In the world of futanari doujins, ALL boys are bottoms!

20.06.2018 01:32:59 PM (GMT)

– Not there... ♥

– Huh?! Did you think I'd spare your lewd nipples because you're a trap? I won't hold back just because your real gender is unclear!

20.06.2018 01:32:54 PM (GMT)

– You got that hard just from having your throat raped?

20.06.2018 01:32:50 PM (GMT)

«The smell of master's cock is filling my mind...»

20.06.2018 01:32:47 PM (GMT)

– Your mouth's so warm! Does your throat have an A+ riding skill, too?

20.06.2018 01:32:37 PM (GMT)

– It's summer! We're at the beach! And so... Let's fuck!

20.06.2018 12:56:53 PM (GMT)

This is an 18+ doujin that features Astolfo engaging in anal sex while wearing all sorts of outfits. Please enjoy.

Also, this book does not recommend attempting anal sex without careful preparation.

20.06.2018 12:46:41 PM (GMT)

– Reach your final ascension with my love (futa dick) ♥♥♥

20.06.2018 12:46:36 PM (GMT)

– What's with the greediness of this warm and wet ass pussy ♥

20.06.2018 12:35:02 PM (GMT)

– Astolfo-kun's so cute and so cool and so good at anal, what an erotic heroic spirit~ ♥

– Eh? I don't quite get it but think I'm being praised... ♥

19.06.2018 09:13:06 PM (GMT)

New swine prostitute

Modified for heightened sensitivity!
Breasts, nipples, and genitals modified

Nothing off limits!
One night ¥20,000!


New swine prostitute

Modified for heightened sensitivity!

Nothing off limits!
One night ¥15,000!

19.06.2018 08:42:50 PM (GMT)

xxx: Asagi's natural state.

18.06.2018 12:24:38 PM (GMT)

xxx: Why would you rape sweet Chun-li? Feels bad man :(

yyy: Why wouldn't you rape sweet Chun-Li? Feels good man. :)

17.06.2018 01:07:53 AM (GMT)

xxx: I wonder if Chun-Li loves ramen or sucking cock more.

7.06.2018 04:09:49 AM (GMT)

Orc: You're better at handling a dick than a sword.

1.06.2018 09:17:37 AM (GMT)

– And until dawn, my brother's semen kept on flowing in and out of me.

1.06.2018 09:05:16 AM (GMT)

– You woke up? My big brother who gets his cock excited inside his sister's pussy.

1.06.2018 09:04:33 AM (GMT)

– Fellatio and talking can't be done at same time you know.

1.06.2018 08:59:55 AM (GMT)

– Come on, I'm gonna perform fellatio so level your hip a bit.

1.06.2018 08:59:51 AM (GMT)

– I can't let go Otome, with your asshole gripping my cock so tightly.

1.06.2018 08:52:28 AM (GMT)

– Ok, next is your lower mouth.

1.06.2018 08:50:39 AM (GMT)

– My cum is saying that it wants to meet your egg cell.

26.05.2018 10:45:47 PM (GMT)

«Finally, I get to enjoy the fabled «Mother-daughter» combo! Using the daughter's mucus as lotion, I thoroughly tasted the mother's asshole».