1.11.2019 11:57:40 PM (GMT)

– That felt great, right? This is cum.

– I-It feels absolutely great! Cumming feels so good!

1.11.2019 11:57:37 PM (GMT)

– Just cum!

1.11.2019 11:57:34 PM (GMT)

– So what's this called again?

– Th-The male genitalia.

– Male genitalia... Okay... That's not the right answer. This lewdly hanging pouch of flesh is none other than your balls. B-A-L-L-S. And this stick of flesh is a dick. D-I-C-K. Mizuho's big and stiff dick!

– Please stop!

– Dick and balls, remember that, okay?

– Y-Yes.

1.11.2019 11:18:31 PM (GMT)

– Let's take her condom off so she can jizz as hard as she wants ♥

1.11.2019 11:18:28 PM (GMT)

– Sweet! Sensei's starting to move her hips on her own! ♥

1.11.2019 11:18:25 PM (GMT)

– This can't be happening! My young students are raping me in my classroom! I'm being forced ot suck on a cock while my pussy's being ravaged! ♥♥

1.11.2019 11:18:19 PM (GMT)

– Whoa! Mika-sensei's throat feels totally beyond awesome ♥♥♥

1.11.2019 11:17:55 PM (GMT)

– Hot damn! ♥ Teacher's got quite a cunt on her! ♥

20.10.2019 12:05:48 PM (GMT)

– Mind if I point something out? There's been a hair on your face this whole time. And it's pretty obvious it's a pubic hair. You were clearly sucking cock right before you came here!

20.10.2019 12:05:27 PM (GMT)

– And now, what I've been waiting for! The taste of virgin pussy!!

20.10.2019 12:05:17 PM (GMT)

– Ugh, they were packed in the box to make them easy to transport, but now the inside stinks of woman.

20.10.2019 12:05:04 PM (GMT)

– Getting whipped is pretty painful, isn't it? If you don't get to sucking cock instead of talking, your ass is going to be red raw.

20.10.2019 12:04:53 PM (GMT)

– How do you like your first taste of semen?

20.10.2019 12:04:39 PM (GMT)


20.10.2019 12:04:27 PM (GMT)

– If you promise to do what I tell you, then I'll do this to reward you. Hehehe, the way you tighten up tells me you've been waiting for this.

20.10.2019 12:04:17 PM (GMT)

– Oho... Now you're wriggling because you didn't come? That's cute.

20.10.2019 12:03:57 PM (GMT)

– You might not be a virgin anymore, but it hasn't been long since you were. You're still sensitive. You could be a real slut one day...

20.10.2019 12:03:25 PM (GMT)

– Can't you breath? I suppose that's to be expected with my whole cock down your throat. It sure would be pathetic to choke to death on a cock... I'll shoot my second load as quick as I can for you...

20.10.2019 12:03:13 PM (GMT)

– I've always thought it's kinda sad how grown men are obsessed with sucking boobs ♥

20.10.2019 12:03:00 PM (GMT)

– What's this, miss?

– This is just a little punishment game I have to do... Would you guys mind helping me out?

– Mm, sure ♥ Ok, no problem ♥ You showed me your pussy, so I have to pay you back ♥

20.10.2019 12:02:44 PM (GMT)

– See my dick? I'm totally a futanari. ♥

– Huh, it's true. Wow! ♥

– I'm pretty big, eh? Surprised?

– Yeah, I feel less manly already. Hahaha ♥

20.10.2019 12:00:28 PM (GMT)

– Hello there ♥

– M-miss, this is the men's bath.

– Yeah, I know. They told me futanari are supposed to go in themen's bath. ♥

20.10.2019 11:59:11 AM (GMT)

– Hey, missy, let us help you out with that bet of yours.

– No need... I'm getting out...

– No need to be reserved. You made a bet about having sex with men, right? We'll help you out with that.

– No, tha...

– I'll do my best to cum inside you.

20.10.2019 11:58:57 AM (GMT)

«Raped twice in a single day...»

20.10.2019 11:58:22 AM (GMT)

– Someone came inside me again...