3.01.2018 12:24:51 PM (GMT)

– Thanks to not being useless, Pod. I'm way too classy to pop my cherry on my knees.

3.01.2018 12:18:57 PM (GMT)

– The average penis size is about 5-6 inches erect. Will a group of those be enough to sate your voracity?

– I was kinda hoping for something bigger for my first time but... Beggers can't be choosers I guess.

3.01.2018 10:39:29 AM (GMT)

– I already asked you before, but don't you think we're alike? Our big clits. Our sensitive spots. Our perverted minds.

3.01.2018 10:37:15 AM (GMT)

– Pissing yourself while coming and giving birth to an egg... You just can't go back to being human anymore.

3.01.2018 10:34:35 AM (GMT)

– Become mine.

9.12.2017 04:19:06 PM (GMT)

– That's right, Makoto-chan. Once it's over, clean it up with your mouth right away.

9.12.2017 12:38:00 PM (GMT)

– Come dig in. It's a new piece ♪

18.11.2017 11:03:20 AM (GMT)

The rule number one of hentailand. The power of dick can defeat any female character. No matter what even you are all-creator futanari goddess or demonic princess.

18.11.2017 10:59:14 AM (GMT)


15.11.2017 11:08:27 PM (GMT)

– Kissing his cock before kissing his lips? I expected nothing less from you, Snow White.

2.09.2017 08:23:11 PM (GMT)

– Rie, your pussy's so tight, it feels like it might pull off the strap-on... As expected from an athletic girl.

– Onee-chan, got for it... I feel it better when it's in deep...

11.08.2017 11:00:04 PM (GMT)

– You've got a real nice fuck hole, Ruri.

11.08.2017 07:49:19 PM (GMT)

– How could you call yourself a man if you won't even let me suck on your cock?

6.08.2017 05:30:17 PM (GMT)

– The moment when a strong-willed woman succumbs to the dick... It's the best.

6.08.2017 05:27:13 PM (GMT)

– More backtalk from this hole, huh?

6.08.2017 05:18:42 PM (GMT)

– Oh, it seems like this mouth here is honest unlike your upper one.

6.08.2017 05:00:26 PM (GMT)

– It's the semen of the man who made you a woman. Taste it throughly.

6.08.2017 04:25:17 PM (GMT)

– You look absolutely adorable, Melty! But why'd you pick a school uniform?

– Wit? Ah heard that lassies in yer world are enslaved if they don't wear these kinds a' claes.

«...I need to educate her on how our world actually works».

6.08.2017 04:13:50 PM (GMT)

– Melty! I'm... gonna cum!

– Ah, yer fine, just fire it inside me! ♥

6.08.2017 04:04:30 PM (GMT)

– Heiza... Ah can tell yer a virgin, ya kno? The smell gees it away...

– Do I really reek with the scent of a virgin that badly?

– In the human world, are ye no supposed tae get LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT if ye've no popped yer cherry before a certain age?


6.08.2017 02:47:38 PM (GMT)

– Uhm... Hey... What are we doing?

– It's like, we put their penis in a hole... And, like, it makes us money, like alchemy~ And at the end, it's happiness get for everybody!

4.08.2017 01:23:12 AM (GMT)

– Welcome inside your beloved Miyabi-san.

15.07.2017 10:56:13 PM (GMT)

– Use your mouth too, bitch. You are our prisoner after all.

– You're wrong. From now on, they're not our prisoners, they're our sex slaves. They're «fuck holes» whose only job is to be penetrated by their masters' cocks.

10.07.2017 11:37:01 PM (GMT)

Alright, raise your ass and beg for it. And tell me which hole I should fill up with semen.

10.07.2017 11:32:41 PM (GMT)

– Whoa! You know how to use your hand indecently, detective Nogami!