31.03.2019 07:01:13 AM (GMT)

– Nothing suites the missus more than sperm shower.

– So, up next, isn't it time to experience the beauty of your pussy?

31.03.2019 07:00:36 AM (GMT)

– Don't be so hasty. If you want to cum, use my body to masturbate.

31.03.2019 06:29:15 AM (GMT)

Now this is something you don't see everyday in a smut piece: Moral Degeneracy leading to a happy ending for all parties involved outside of the sexy times.

31.03.2019 06:22:09 AM (GMT)

– Feel free to use my slippery body as an onahole. Hurry up and shoot your thick sperm inside me!

31.03.2019 06:20:35 AM (GMT)

– Your walls are squeezing all around me. It's almost as if your pussy is alive and trying to swallow my cock whole!

31.03.2019 06:17:37 AM (GMT)

– Loook, a virgin pussy might be nice but I'm sure my erotic sex trained body is good as well.

5.03.2019 03:14:24 AM (GMT)

Fuckpig: I want that shirt

Fuckpig: I'd get fired from work so fast lol

Anonymous: Start up a new career getting fucked in the ass.

5.03.2019 03:09:57 AM (GMT)

– It turns out that strong-willed women like you really are weak to anal, huh.

28.02.2019 11:12:23 PM (GMT)

«I need to deepthroat them and make then cum quickly, otherwise...»

28.02.2019 11:12:18 PM (GMT)

«I have to make all these dicks cum!»

28.02.2019 11:12:15 PM (GMT)

– Here comes the next load!

28.02.2019 11:12:12 PM (GMT)

«Please! Just cum!»

27.02.2019 12:42:05 AM (GMT)

Anonymous: That anime about girls looking at you with disdain while showing you their panties would be so much better if they all ended like this.

17.02.2019 08:45:57 PM (GMT)

– I'm a cum dumbster. Anybody's fine, any time. Please abuse me.

14.02.2019 05:28:33 PM (GMT)


Choose the Angel, and have all the kinky sex with her for eternity.

Choose the Devil, and have sex with her and all her friends.

Tough choice.

5.02.2019 11:24:24 PM (GMT)

– Продолжай и взорвись внутри Юи-тян! ♥

5.02.2019 11:24:19 PM (GMT)

– Так много супертвёрдого девственного члена внутри меня! ♥ Он такой большой~

5.02.2019 11:24:15 PM (GMT)

– Теперь, следующим пунктом меню... Моя киска трапа избавит тебя от этой противной девственности!

5.02.2019 11:24:09 PM (GMT)

– Мой минет великолепен, правда? Трапы знают о членах всё: от и до!

5.02.2019 11:24:03 PM (GMT)

– Начнём лишение тебя девственности с минета! ♥

5.02.2019 11:23:59 PM (GMT)

– У тебя такой чудесный член, но ты его ещё ни разу не использовал? Какое расточительство!

5.02.2019 11:23:53 PM (GMT)

– Прежде чем ты попробуешь женщину, я научу тебя получать удовольствие от трапов. ♥

5.02.2019 11:23:44 PM (GMT)

– Невероятно! Такая милая девочка... совсем не девочка?!

1.02.2019 11:20:55 PM (GMT)

– Of course I want too~! I want to do it so badly that I can't stand it! My pussy is already drenched! Quickly, quickly! Do something naughty with me! Do it! Violate me! Fuck me! Bang me! Rape me! I'm such a cock-hungry slut! All I want right now... is to have your cock deep inside me... to have you fill me up with your cum!

1.02.2019 11:09:56 PM (GMT)

– T-this might be too much... Or rather too little...