20.10.2019 11:58:04 AM (GMT)

– If you're spreading your legs like that in the men's bath, it's only natural I'd put it in.

20.10.2019 11:57:51 AM (GMT)

– Asking for an erection out of blue is...

20.10.2019 11:57:38 AM (GMT)

– Everyone here will give this lewd hole all the cock you want.

20.10.2019 11:57:24 AM (GMT)

– You didn't care who you did it with, so you came into the men's bath. You cock-loving pervert, we'll grant your wish and rape you.

20.10.2019 11:57:07 AM (GMT)

– Please... Please pull it out... I'm begging you...

– Dear god, unlike her mouth she's tightening up so hard...

20.10.2019 11:56:46 AM (GMT)

– Oh, Tanaka, isn't bad to just assault her like this?

– Really? It's such an easy picking, though. When a girl spreads such a lovely, perverted hole for you, it would be rude not to fuck it.

20.10.2019 11:56:24 AM (GMT)

– I'm filling you up quite nicely. Can you tell?

20.10.2019 11:56:11 AM (GMT)

«He... sticking that thing in me... I'm... being raped...»

20.10.2019 11:55:21 AM (GMT)

– Miss, are you a futanari?

– Y... yeah.

– Oho, well if you've got the same equipment as us guys then there's no need to be embarassed.

20.10.2019 11:54:39 AM (GMT)

– Amashin'! ♥ My pussy! Sho happy! ♥

16.10.2019 09:33:31 PM (GMT)

«Mango» sounds like the Japanese word «manko» which means «vagina».

The way «Tennis» is pronounced in Japanese sounds like the word «penis».

«Sock» sounds close to the word «sex».

«Ramen» sounds like the Japanese word «saamen» which means «semen».

8.10.2019 11:04:59 PM (GMT)

– Ох, да! Я же ещё не представилась. Зовут Миюки ♥ Рада знакомству ♥ Отлично, а теперь давайте трахаться ♪

8.10.2019 12:24:46 AM (GMT)

Anonymous: It’d be pretty ironic if someone known as Cow Girl ended up being treated as livestock. But her body and skills at milking would probably prove immensely useful for sex, breeding and breastfeeding though.

17.07.2019 04:04:41 PM (GMT)

– Nice. Your bitch hole sucked in my fingers. You're so nice and tight, I wouldn't think you had a child.

17.07.2019 03:52:08 PM (GMT)

– A mother and daughter taking part in a raping tour. What a pair of pervy mother and daughter ♥

17.07.2019 03:48:41 PM (GMT)

– Oh man! It's like they are being raped. I'm getting turned on by it ♥ What I expect from a former actress. Her acting skills are top notch.

17.07.2019 03:48:35 PM (GMT)

– Number two and number four will squirt from the member of the staff fingerbanging them!

16.07.2019 11:20:16 PM (GMT)

– It's getting tighter! Keep fucking her mouth, she loves it!

19.06.2019 05:42:43 PM (GMT)

Размеры и вес при транспортировке

Все презервативы упакованы в фольгу (которая, кстати, выдержана в общем стиле дизайна, а не просто серебряного цвета) по 3 или по 12 шт в пачке. Пачки в свою очередь - в так называемые гроссы. Гросс – это цветная стильная коробочка, в которой 48 пачек по 3 шт или 12 пачек по 12 шт.

В транспортной картонной коробке 20 гроссов = 2880 шт = 960 пачек по 3шт = 240 пачек по 12 шт. Размеры одной транспортной коробки примерно 0,075 м³, вес колеблется от 13,5 до 14 кг.

14.06.2019 11:56:16 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: I love a woman who knows how to drink.

12.06.2019 06:20:34 PM (GMT)


Wow. What a story.

I went through this pretty quickly, but let me just sum up the details:

The hero Yuuki travelling with the sorceress Kei to fight baddies on behalf of the guild-master Sein.

They encounter a Succubus, who they refer to as just Succubus.

She hypnotises Kei, and together, they knock Yuuki unconscious.

When Yuuki wakes up, he's been turned into a she, except for her penis.

The Succubus basically jacks Yuuki off until her penis turns too.

She starts training him as a sex slave, and gives her the cursed mark to stimulate Yuuki's lust.

Eventually, Yuuki gets fucked silly and becomes a sex slave in the Garden of Elysium, where they serve the corrupt rich and powerful.

It turns out that Sein (who is a noble with the title of Lord) had been conspiring with the Succubus in order to both get rid of Yuuki and make Kei his wife, and play a twisted game amongst nobles turning people into sex slaves.

Yuuki spends a long time just getting fucked silly in the Garden, until she recovers her memories and clarity. This sends her off to the residence of Sein, whom he confronts -

By promptly fucking Sein so many times that he eventually starts cumming blood and dies.

Yuuki is reborn as a Succubus, but keeping his personality and will intact.

He frees Kei from the spells controlling her, and they reconcile.

The Succubus then reappears, and announces that Yuuki had been reborn as her daughter.

She tells Yuuki that it is very rare for a Succubus to be born, as it requires both exceptional will and the semen of 10,000 men (of which Sein was the 10,000th).

The Succubus then tries to invite Yuuki to the demon realm/underworld, and leave the corrupt, rotten world of humanity behind.

Yuuki instead declares that she is still a Hero, and will fight the Succubus as her enemy. She grabs Sein's sword and challenges her, but she laughs and refuses to fight.

The Succubus instead ask if Yuuki had heard of the Lunes, a legendary hero from a thousand years ago who disappeared after vanquishing the Demon King.

She reveals that she is Lunes, who had been turned into a Succubus. She remarks that Yuuki's attitude makes her nostalgic, and tells her that she kept her heart human for 300 years before giving up. She challengers Yuuki to do better, but says that its inevitable that one day, she will be welcoming her Succubus daughter into the Underworld.

The Succubus then leaves, and Yuuki and Kei discover that Sein is still barely alive. Both to save his life and to exact a bit of revenge, Yuuki uses Succubus magic to turn Sein into a girl.

Yuuki and Kei then leave, and resume their adventures both as fellow champions and as lovers.

Yuuki uses her Succubus skills on her enemies, and there's also a scene of Yuuki and Kei having sex. Somehow, Kei has a penis (how she got it isn't really talked about, or I missed it skimming) and they have fuck. The story ends with a happily ever after thing, with a reference to Yuuki in the history books as a Succubus Hero who proudly declared that she would return to being a man, and Kei as a sorceress that was both Yuuki's husband and wife. Also the Succubus shows up, and is like "LMAO seems like its going to be a while before Yuuki turns to darkness"

Ok that's it for a synopsis.

Edits: corrections re: yuki makoto

Yuki Makoto

Some of your synopsis is wrong. Sein is the guildmaster of the adventurer's guild and he wasn't travelling with them. Also, he had Yuuki turned into a girl and made both Yuuki and Kei into sex slaves because of a game between the nobles where they break people and turn them into sex slaves. Apparently, the stronger the soul of the person the higher the points they get so a hero and sage would get him the highest points.

8.06.2019 08:19:37 PM (GMT)

– Fucky fucky here!

8.06.2019 03:14:14 PM (GMT)

– Youta can solve anything by mating!

23.05.2019 08:29:50 AM (GMT)

Anonymous: Another boring "pussypedia" set from Cosine. C'mon man, those pussies are starving, and I wanna see them getting fed.

22.05.2019 11:52:32 AM (GMT)

– Creampied her nice and good!