14.06.2017 08:06:42 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: She won't be so smug for long.

14.06.2017 08:06:40 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: That looks fun, wonder if she's allowed to cum...

14.06.2017 08:06:38 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Not so smug now, huh, Cala?

11.06.2017 08:23:48 PM (GMT)

Anonymous 1: why armpit hair? wth

Anonymous 2: They say armpit hair is a symbol for a slut so there you have it.

14.05.2017 09:11:52 AM (GMT)

– It's all about being futanari, so we have to cum.

14.05.2017 09:08:12 AM (GMT)

– My semen tank just discharged, so I can't go for another...

14.05.2017 09:06:50 AM (GMT)

– Please be gentle to this female dick! It's a dick that's supposed to be handled with care!

14.05.2017 09:05:16 AM (GMT)

– The futanari dick idol unit!

7.05.2017 10:45:08 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Let's see... if the average ejaculation is about a teaspoon or about 5 milliliters... multiplied by the volume of fluid it takes to fill a bathtub up to above someone's thigh crease... Yeah, doing this could easily require thousands of loads.

27.02.2017 08:19:55 AM (GMT)

Anonymous: "Bow before me peasant and worship my beautiful feminine form, my cock and balls included".

8.01.2017 02:57:10 AM (GMT)

Anonymous 1: I can't even imagine how high the stats of that armor must be.

Anonymous 2: DEF + 22 Weakness rape (Double Damage)

8.01.2017 01:53:11 AM (GMT)


Anonymous: according to the source .. yes she is gonna get raped so hard

8.01.2017 01:37:23 AM (GMT)

– Awww... I hate cock-sucking class. I wish we could do some math or chemistry instead.

– Listen here, little missy. You'll suck that cock and you'll like it! Cock-sucking is a life-time skill. You don't need to know math or chemistry if you can suck a cock. Now deep throat that dildo!

6.11.2016 07:18:10 AM (GMT)

Orc: It's a beautiful pink pussy. The hymen is lustrous and there's no single flaw. But this is the last time I'm gonna see it. 'Cause I'll make your pussy black the way I like 'em soon enough~

6.11.2016 07:12:54 AM (GMT)

Orc: Deep throating a princess knight is the best! ~♥

11.09.2016 04:35:26 PM (GMT)

– Looks like I'll cum ♥ Inside your mouth pussy! ♥

11.09.2016 04:33:17 PM (GMT)

– This is Nodoka's virginity graduation ceremony! ♥

11.09.2016 04:27:33 PM (GMT)

– Congratulations on your first creampie! ★ Let me see the semen you milked out! ♥

11.09.2016 04:21:30 PM (GMT)

Patchouli: «Haa... Ahh... This is... My pussy has fallen completely!.. My bitch pussy is happy being fucked without protection and being cummed inside from such a thick cock!..»

Guy: Ohh! Is your womb gulping down my cum? If it's a daughter and she'd be of this manner, she'll maybe become a cock loving whore like her mom...

Patchouli: It's here. Such a thick cum has been poured into my womb... I can feel him fucking the inside of my stomach... Forgive me for being a whore of a mother... ♥

11.09.2016 04:18:05 PM (GMT)

Guy: Patchouli-sama!.. Your tongue is unreal... I'll cum right now!..

Patchouli: Ohh... ♥ Be quiet while I suck you off.

11.09.2016 04:17:09 PM (GMT)

Guy: How does it feel, Yukari-san?.. Having your womb hammered by your favorite cock?

11.09.2016 04:15:02 PM (GMT)

Yukari: Giving me a kiss while pounding away at my pussy... ♥

11.09.2016 04:06:51 PM (GMT)

Marisa: I'm cumming! I'm cumming from both my asshole and pussy! ♥♥

11.09.2016 04:03:53 PM (GMT)

Marisa: Ah... My nipples hurt!.. Stop touching me there!

Guy: Liar! Your pussy's getting even wetter! Admit it, you're a whore who's addicted to cocks, aren't you?

11.09.2016 04:02:50 PM (GMT)

Guy: Say what? I can't hear you over your moans!