10.07.2017 11:27:32 PM (GMT)

– What I want, detective Nogami, is your masturbation show. I want you to play with your pussy while you're standing. Show me your face as you reach orgasm.

10.07.2017 11:21:34 PM (GMT)

– Here goes, ms. detective! I'm gonna fill your stomach with my cum!

10.07.2017 11:16:02 PM (GMT)

– Well? Aren't you gonna say what you really want? You want a dick, right?

– I... I want... it...

– I can't hear you. What is it?

– I... want it...

– No... There's something missing... You can exaggerate a little. Tell me what you want, ms. detective.

– Why do you want it? Please shove your thick, hard dick inside my filthy pussy!

– Yes! That's it! Okay, I'll fulfill your desire.

10.07.2017 11:08:49 PM (GMT)

– While you were out cold, we gave your pussy and ass something special. The pride of this club, the high grade aphrodisiac.

10.07.2017 11:04:57 PM (GMT)

– You're a detective but really dress to impress, hmm... These panties are a little too showy for you, don't you think?

10.07.2017 11:01:38 PM (GMT)

– You don't have to worry about your panties, we're keeping them safe for you. Look, here they are. This is really Ryouko Kisaragi-kun's panties.

8.07.2017 11:37:38 PM (GMT)

– I'll become yours! It feels so good! Doggie style is the best!

– You slut! Just how many people have you had sex with?!

– Daddy, my brother, Tanaka-sensei, Hashimoto-sensei, Arai-sensei, and some senpais too, as well as some older guys, and the dad of my friend too!

– Wow, it's a miracle you're not pregnant yet!

8.07.2017 10:49:17 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Yuri twincest anal maids, does it get better than this?

8.07.2017 08:27:24 PM (GMT)

– Ouh, incredible... However... Do you have a job yet?

– I make Adult Videos where I get fucked by a lot of cocks but... I'd like much better to be tamed by your cock alone, mister...

15.06.2017 10:53:28 PM (GMT)

Don't cum.

These tentacles have pretty limited senses. Can't see, can't hear, can't smell. Luckily for you, they don't even know you're here, and they're pretty passive unless they sense some prey.

See, though, there's the catch. They do have one sense, besides touch; they can sense arousal. If there's something sexy going on nearby, the beast will investigate, and...well, I think you can guess what happens when they find the source.

So don't cum. Don't get aroused. Shift and squirm and struggle to escape, but just one orgasm from that crotch rope and it won't be the last, believe me.

So! I'm outta here. Try and last as long as you can, but be careful. It's gonna get pretty tough in a few hours, when the aphrodisiac kicks in.

Good luck!

14.06.2017 08:06:42 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: She won't be so smug for long.

14.06.2017 08:06:40 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: That looks fun, wonder if she's allowed to cum...

14.06.2017 08:06:38 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Not so smug now, huh, Cala?

11.06.2017 08:23:48 PM (GMT)

Anonymous 1: why armpit hair? wth

Anonymous 2: They say armpit hair is a symbol for a slut so there you have it.

14.05.2017 09:11:52 AM (GMT)

– It's all about being futanari, so we have to cum.

14.05.2017 09:08:12 AM (GMT)

– My semen tank just discharged, so I can't go for another...

14.05.2017 09:06:50 AM (GMT)

– Please be gentle to this female dick! It's a dick that's supposed to be handled with care!

14.05.2017 09:05:16 AM (GMT)

– The futanari dick idol unit!

7.05.2017 10:45:08 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Let's see... if the average ejaculation is about a teaspoon or about 5 milliliters... multiplied by the volume of fluid it takes to fill a bathtub up to above someone's thigh crease... Yeah, doing this could easily require thousands of loads.

27.02.2017 08:19:55 AM (GMT)

Anonymous: "Bow before me peasant and worship my beautiful feminine form, my cock and balls included".

8.01.2017 02:57:10 AM (GMT)

Anonymous 1: I can't even imagine how high the stats of that armor must be.

Anonymous 2: DEF + 22 Weakness rape (Double Damage)

8.01.2017 01:53:11 AM (GMT)


Anonymous: according to the source .. yes she is gonna get raped so hard

8.01.2017 01:37:23 AM (GMT)

– Awww... I hate cock-sucking class. I wish we could do some math or chemistry instead.

– Listen here, little missy. You'll suck that cock and you'll like it! Cock-sucking is a life-time skill. You don't need to know math or chemistry if you can suck a cock. Now deep throat that dildo!

6.11.2016 07:18:10 AM (GMT)

Orc: It's a beautiful pink pussy. The hymen is lustrous and there's no single flaw. But this is the last time I'm gonna see it. 'Cause I'll make your pussy black the way I like 'em soon enough~

6.11.2016 07:12:54 AM (GMT)

Orc: Deep throating a princess knight is the best! ~♥