15.07.2020 01:48:06 PM (GMT)

– I believe a demon has begun possessing your penis, Shiyou-kun.

– Whaa?!

– But don't worry. God will not abandon his children! As one who serves God, I will humbly exorcise the demon that has possessed your penis, Shiyou-kun.

19.06.2020 07:17:06 PM (GMT)

That night, a (group sex) party for the newcomer was held.

10.06.2020 10:01:52 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Those stats are all sex-related. She's fucked 126 guys (up from 125), masturbated 235 times (up from 229), given 83 handjobs, 44 footjobs (up from 42), sucked 97 dicks (up from 96), done 78 titfucks, had vaginal sex 197 times (up from 196) and anal 65 times (up from 64).

7.06.2020 11:32:58 AM (GMT)

– We can't use your ass anymore, so we'll have you entertain us with those huge tits. Even your nipples are completely stiff. Miss erotic heroine is such a nympho.

7.06.2020 11:32:54 AM (GMT)

– We'll have you put on a blindfold and make you drink semen. Correctly guess whose it is and you win. It should be easy for a semen sommelier of justice, right?

7.06.2020 11:32:51 AM (GMT)

– How does it taste? Is the one that came out of your body the best when you compare to Deburo's and Dorkos'?

– ...it's obvious that it's several times better than theirs.

– As expected of a heroine of justice. You're a semen sommelier that can tell the difference between sperm.

7.06.2020 11:31:52 AM (GMT)

– What happened to the hostages?

– Oh my. Do you even understand your position here? Remember how you lost that game and got horribly analed?

1.05.2020 09:36:14 PM (GMT)

Anonymous: Keep your friends close, and go balls deep inside your enemies.

25.04.2020 11:44:30 AM (GMT)

– I was wondering what you wanted to ask so suddenly... You want to finger my asshole? ♥ Geez, that's WAAAAY fucked up! ♥ You're not bottling up your fetishes anymore? ♥

29.03.2020 12:28:15 AM (GMT)

Zeldia is weak...

[ Fuck Zeldia ]

[ Have sex with Zeldia ]

[ Stick your meatstick into Zeldia ]

28.03.2020 11:44:31 PM (GMT)

– Aahh! Help me! It's so good though!

28.03.2020 11:41:44 PM (GMT)

– Fuck me harder, you filthy monster!

15.03.2020 10:34:38 PM (GMT)

– Hey, what is this? ♥ Hero's friends are being used like cock sleeves ♥

15.03.2020 10:34:36 PM (GMT)

– Hey! I'm gonna cum all over your angry face!

15.03.2020 10:34:34 PM (GMT)

Guy 1: Here's your 1000G. Please use it to defeat the evil god.

Senya: Of course ♥ I hope we meet again ♥

Guy 2: Senya-chan, I have 3000G, so let's do it ♪

Senya: Sure ♥

Martina: «T... They paid 1000G for a blowjob?.. So to earn 3000 we'll have to...»

15.03.2020 10:34:32 PM (GMT)

– Hehe ♥ Don't hold back. The cock you wanted... is here!

15.03.2020 10:34:30 PM (GMT)

– Hey, you came as soon as I pushed it in... Were you waiting for this?

15.03.2020 10:34:28 PM (GMT)

– I'm still moving so don't move...

15.03.2020 10:34:26 PM (GMT)

– You keep cumming really hard... Hero will be shocked if he hears you...

– Aah... Hero, I'm sorry ♥

15.03.2020 10:34:24 PM (GMT)

– Martina-chan, aren't you the princess of Delcadar?

– How did you?..

– How does it feel? You're being fucked by a commoner living in a weaker country ♥

«I hate it... I'm being humiliated by some idiot, and yet... I'm cumming again ♥»

15.03.2020 10:34:22 PM (GMT)

– I'm about to cum! If you get pregnant, give my regards to the king!!

– N-no! Pull it out ♥

9.03.2020 11:50:35 PM (GMT)

– I'm going to pump all my lesbian cum into you!

4.02.2020 09:22:40 PM (GMT)

– Oh! ♪ His dick is just as straightforward as he is! ♥

3.02.2020 09:26:21 PM (GMT)

– It'd be a waste if you stopped putting your cock to work, Onii-san~

3.02.2020 09:26:16 PM (GMT)

– Sex really is best served raw with a side of creampie~!