17.11.2012 11:11:21 AM (GMT)

Midori: You look pretty beat, though. Were you up all night masturbating or something?

20.11.2011 09:29:56 PM (GMT)

My mouth is being used like a pussy...

20.11.2011 09:28:37 PM (GMT)

Ahh... It's in my mouth... I'm sucking on a dick... It's a little salty and velvety hard... And it has a strange, warm, pleasant sensation...

20.11.2011 09:22:45 PM (GMT)

My insides are all fluttery - it's like my whole body has become a dick!

27.10.2011 02:17:48 PM (GMT)

Use of dirty talk is standard fare in catfighting videos. Calling each other «bitch», «whore», «slut» and «skank» is common vernacular in catfight videos. The ripping off of clothes and lingerie usually gives way to the twisting of nipples, grabbing of breasts, and pulling of pubic hair. Some catfights turn into sexfights when the two combatants try to dominate each other sexually by forcibly kissing each other and then having aggressive sex. Typical catfighting/sexfighting scenes involve lots of hard body-to-body contact with slapping and grabbing of breasts and pubic hair. Another popular catfight move is to 'facesit' the other woman and force her to lick her.

22.07.2011 10:46:18 AM (GMT)
19.07.2011 01:39:37 PM (GMT)

One early morning, I was having a third cup of espresso, all lights shut. Just in front of my window, the new janitor of the building, gorgeous MILF, was watering the exterior plants. She was wearing a short light cotton skirt. The type of skirt a nice girl would only wear in bed on hot summer nights. As I was sitting in the dark, she grabbed the water hose at her feet on the grass and revealed her pure white ass to me. Very slowly, as she also seemed very tired. The taste of hard espresso on my tongue, I watched through the window quietly her two cheeks split by average cotton panties.

16.07.2011 01:12:02 AM (GMT)
4.06.2011 05:22:47 AM (GMT)

Я много что узнала нового, очень интересно, хотя приходиться много работать головой (вернее ртом – подумала я и улыбнулась).

1.06.2011 08:04:21 AM (GMT)

She can stripe my candy...In this metaphor my candy is my penis and stripeing is something sexual.

28.05.2011 05:25:39 AM (GMT)

Да, моя сучечка! Этот подарок я специально приготовил напоследок. Очень хочу выебать им твою прекрасную тугую попку. Твоя попка создана для ебли! И пизденка у тебя восхитительная. А ты – самая настоящая развратная блядища, которая обожает сосать члены и кончает, когда ее ебут толстые голодные хуи!

28.05.2011 05:23:50 AM (GMT)

А я тем временем села в кресло, положила ноги на подставки, и перед взором четырех возбужденных мужиков предстала моя пизда, вся мокрющая, сверкающая, бесстыдная и безумно хотящая ебли.

28.05.2011 05:22:28 AM (GMT)

Шесть крепких мужских рук гладило мое тело. Мальчики теребили мне сосочки, поочередно раздрачивали клитор, засовывали пальцы мои дырочки. Я только и слышала: «Так теперь повернись. Нагнись. Так. Задери ногу. Раздвинь попочку руками. Сядь на корточки». Я послушно выполняла их приказы.

25.05.2011 11:41:58 AM (GMT)

Sorry but I can't stop reading «permalink» as «spermalink» =_=

16.05.2011 08:13:15 AM (GMT)

xxx: Oh wow! That is SO hot! Thumbs up if you agree!

yyy: More than thumbs up, m'dear!

15.05.2011 06:47:39 PM (GMT)

Those are some great dick-milking buns!

8.05.2011 08:26:12 AM (GMT)

«Manko», noun: Rude Japanese slang for cunt. Used by naughty female language students to book tables in foreign restaurants so that they will be able to have a laugh when the maitre d' calls them to their table.

«Miss Manko, your table is ready».

25.04.2011 01:52:39 PM (GMT)

Hentai has taught me many things about the female form, particularly lactation. From my extensive study, women lactate for one of four reasons:

1. They are pregnant

2. They are really horny

3. Their breasts are squeezed in almost any manner

4. They just damn well want to

Whatever the reason, here's your first collection of woman and their milk filled breasts courtesy of your perverted uploader cptkleenex.

16.04.2011 06:29:23 AM (GMT)
16.04.2011 05:55:00 AM (GMT)
14.04.2011 03:42:59 PM (GMT)
14.04.2011 03:42:39 PM (GMT)
14.04.2011 03:42:32 PM (GMT)
30.03.2011 02:50:14 PM (GMT)
20.03.2011 09:33:00 PM (GMT)

Nyotaimori (Japanese: 女体盛り, «female body presentation»), often referred to as «body sushi», is the extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Nantaimori (Japanese: 男体盛り) refers to the same practice using a male model. This subdivision of food play is originally an obscure Japanese practice that has attracted considerable international media attention.