Sleazy Words (18+)
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Nyotaimori (Japanese: 女体盛り, «female body presentation»), often referred to as «body sushi», is the extremely rare practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. Nantaimori (Japanese: 男体盛り) refers to the same practice using a male model. This subdivision of food play is originally an obscure Japanese practice that has attracted considerable international media attention.

18.03.2011 04:31:24 AM (GMT)

I don't fuck about, I just get horny and fuck, preferably in style.

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If I can just make one pair of panties wet in this world, than I consider myself a success. ;)

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12.10.2010 09:09:14 AM (GMT)

♡私は性交♡ Baby

Fuck me baby!

11.10.2010 11:32:05 AM (GMT)


8==D ^^ G==8

Double blowjob.

8=|=D ^^


8==D ^^/—\_ G==8

From both sides while on all-four.



8==D (|) G==8

Two cocks on pussy.

9.10.2010 09:37:55 PM (GMT)

Frosting: A sexual act, in which the male, after having anal sex, ejaculates onto the butt cheeks of the receiving end, and smears it all over with his hands or penis, thus giving the illusion that the butt cheeks have a «frosting» or «glaze». You can choose to wait till it dries after and then have someone lick it off, which is called the birthday cake.

"Man, Ms. Marsh' ass cheeks look so nice, big and 'round that i wish i could fuck her anal ring all night long and give her a frosting."

9.10.2010 12:12:34 PM (GMT)

Sexual penetration sounds.

*thwap thwap*



6.10.2010 09:32:32 AM (GMT)

Oh baby... just a little wider.

6.10.2010 09:32:19 AM (GMT)

God!!! What fucking present that would be!

6.10.2010 09:32:13 AM (GMT)

My God... you hentai beauties and your hentai cock.

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Working hard as hard penis.

8.09.2010 04:38:26 PM (GMT)

It was hard like penis!

8.09.2010 04:37:26 PM (GMT)
5.09.2010 01:48:59 AM (GMT)

Girls with 8» personalities. Dedicated to the female form... as long as it has a dick.

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Zettai ryouiki (絶対領域) loosely translates into «absolute territory» and is the area of bare skin seen between a skirt and thighhighs. Some have suggested that the ideal ratio is 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt : absolute territory : length of overknee socks above the knee). If panties can be seen then it does not qualify for this tag. Example characters include Tohsaka_Rin, Momose_Kurumi and Mayura.

The term itself originates from Neon Genesis Evangelion, although it had none of the current connotations in the anime. The modern usage of zettai ryouiki originates from the creator of a desktop mascot application when he used the term on his blog in reference to Mayura.