22.03.2010 03:57:00 PM (GMT)

no DPs of a single orifice other than my mouth

22.03.2010 03:54:52 PM (GMT)

The gang bang is scheduled for November 1st at 6PM.

22.03.2010 03:53:28 PM (GMT)

No condoms will be used. Part of the allure of being in a gang bang for me is being used as a cum receptacle. The participants can cum inside me, on me (including my face), or anywhere else they wish.

22.03.2010 03:53:04 PM (GMT)

No holes barred – all three orifices will be available for penetration (simultaneously).

22.03.2010 02:25:41 PM (GMT)
16.03.2010 12:16:46 PM (GMT)


Someone on all fours is penetrated from behind.

16.03.2010 12:13:26 PM (GMT)

Reverse spitroast

An act of group sex similar to spitroast, except that instead of one man (at least) at each end of a woman, there is one woman (at least) at each end of a man.

16.03.2010 12:11:50 PM (GMT)


A variation of doggystyle where the person in-between is performing oral sex or paizuri on a second person while being penetrated from behind. May or may not be standing, in seiza, all_fours, arm_support or arm_grab, etc. Generally features a female in the middle, surrounded by men (but not exclusively).

Named for the way a chicken is roasted inside a rotisserie.